Vehicle wrapping has become a celebrity favourite over the last few years. First there was the yellow Ferrari wrapped in Louis Vuitton print for a 15 year old social media star. Then Kylie Jenner got both her vehicles vinyl wrapped so they looked like a matching pair. There’s even an annual contest in the US to ‘Wrap Like a King’.

So why is vinyl wrapping and vehicle signage becoming so popular with celebs? For all the same reasons that wrapping your vehicle with well-designed graphics works for your business – it’s fun, eye-catching and it makes a huge impact.

Cost-effective advertising

Social media star, Rashed Belhasa, didn’t just have a Ferrari wrapped because he liked it. In fact, the wrap was promoting a long awaited collaboration between the Paris design house and a streetwear label. The vehicle went viral on social media, delivering millions of impressions for the cost of a single vinyl wrap. Your company car might not find itself on Facebook, but it is certain to attract attention if you’re thoughtful about your design and the message you want to send.

Because you own the advertising space you’re using, there are no additional costs as there might be with other forms of marketing. So your statement piece is also a great way of boosting brand recognition and building brand loyalty.

Keep signage consistent

One of the laws of effective marketing is to keep it consistent across every channel. Like Kylie Jenner matching up her vehicles, wrapping an entire fleet in the same design that uses your brand colours and logos is an effective way to reinforce brand recognition. Think of brands that use vehicle wrapping to great effect like Royal Mail and Sky TV – their vans are instantly recognisable and create an immediate connection between the brand and its customers.

Because your vinyl wrap is semi-permanent, you can choose the style and longevity that suits you for your vehicle signage. So if your campaign is time-limited, you can choose a partial wrap or a lower quality vinyl and it can easily be removed when the promotion has run its course.

Pays for itself

Celebs might not be just like you and me, but they know how to maximise the return on investment in their vehicles. Take a tip out of the celebs book and enjoy the protection of a high quality full vehicle wrap. This can prolong the life of your paintwork, protecting against chips and scrapes, so your vehicles look great and create a professional impression wherever they go.

Better yet, when it comes time to have the vinyl wrap removed, your vehicle will look almost as good as new. That means that you can expect a better trade in value, which helps your vinyl wrap and vehicle signs practically pay for themself.

To wrap or not to wrap

Whether you’re attracted to vinyl wrapping and car signage because you love what the social media stars are doing or you realise the value of turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard, we can help you maximise the return on investment for your West Sussex business, so contact vehicle signwriting today and we’ll be happy to help you wrap like a celeb!