Turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard is one of the most effective marketing channels available. Why? Because your vehicle wrapping has tremendous reach, with the ability to reach thousands of potential customers for costs as low as 4p per thousand impressions.

When you’re parked outside your place of business, your home or even at the supermarket, you’re in the eyeline of people who need your services. Hit the road and that figure instantly increases, especially if you’re mobile during rush hour or on busy routes. Where a static billboard may only be seen by the same eyes day after day, your mobile marketing builds brand awareness that’s unmatchable.

If you’re a small business trying to achieve output, reach and visibility on a budget, then a well-designed car wrap is a cost-effective way of achieving marketing goals that far outweigh your investment.

Silent messaging

Wherever your vehicle goes, your vehicle graphics are pushing out your message. But what makes the difference between your vehicle lettering and audio-visual forms of marketing is the silence. Of all marketing forms, car graphics persuade by stealth, delivering a message without hectoring or bullying your customers.

In the same way that 64% of customers prefer to contact customer services by SMS, your audience appreciates the quiet, non-invasive approach. With over 90% of people saying they take notice of vehicle wrapping when they’re on the road, it’s an approach you need to buy into.

Maximise brand elements

We’ve established the ‘why’ of using a car wrap as part of your marketing strategy, but the ‘how’ is equally important. As an SME, never ignore opportunities to incorporate your brand elements in the design of your car graphics. To maximise brand awareness and recognition and realise the best return on investment, you need to keep consistency across your brand elements.

You have approximately 2 seconds to catch people’s attention when you’re driving in London or anywhere else across the country. That means your message needs to be engaging and precise. Your name and contact details must be front and centre, but also consider a tagline designed to reel the customer in. Work with a professional graphic designer to maximise the way your vehicle wrapping looks and reads for maximum impact. Short, eye-catching text paired with a well-designed logo makes a winning combination that captures your audience and drives brand loyalty.

The beauty of vehicle wrapping

When you work with a professional company like us, you’ll enjoy an end to end service. We’ll start by effectively modelling your graphics and end with a premium vehicle wrap designed to target customers in your area. We know how to create the most effective car wrap design to maximise return on investment.

Our professional installers will ensure that your wrap is properly installed. That means you’ll maximise the lifespan of your wrap, making it even more cost-effective. And when it’s finally removed, your vehicle’s bodywork will have been protected from everyday wear and tear, delivering maximum resale value. Contact us today for further details.