Why should you use vinyl wraps on your vehicle?

Vinyl wrapping is a highly versatile form of vehicle customisation with a wide range of applications. With other forms of vehicle decoration, such as self-adhesive vinyl lettering, designs and letters must be pre-cut from the film and then affixed to the side of the vehicle. With vinyl wraps, however, graphics and text are printed onto a sheet of vinyl film which is then stretched around the vehicle. This means that any design imaginable can grace the side of your vehicle.

Is your marketing mobile?

The unparalleled opportunities for customisation presented by vinyl vehicle wraps have meant that one of their predominant applications is in marketing and business promotion. It’s not hard to see why; well-designed vehicle wraps command instant and long-lasting attention.

Wraps can transform any van, lorry or car into an all-year-round advertising machine, displaying your business name, logo and some eye-catching art to everyone and anyone wherever you go. Pedestrians, commuters and local residents are, in turn, transformed into potential customers simply by being in the vicinity of your wrapped van.

For local businesses dependent on local custom, this offers a vital tool for discovery and client generation. Small businesses traditionally have to rely on word-of-mouth, local newspaper adverts and direct mailing campaigns, all of which have their own drawbacks, but vehicle wraps offer a novel and promising way to attract new custom within a targeted area. Over time, as your branding becomes increasingly recognised, there’s the possibility of your business coming to be seen as a trusted member of the local community to whom people instinctively turn when they require your services.

For larger businesses operating regionally or even nationally, vehicle wraps play a no less vital role. Larger businesses seek custom from a greater area, and correspondingly their vehicles will travel further, bringing your wrap’s promotional message to people who would normally never encounter it, regardless as to age, gender, income, profession or any other demographic marker.

Additionally, unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the horrors of traffic jams on Britain’s roads and motorways, but a vinyl vehicle wrap transforms every traffic jam and hold-up into an advertising opportunity.

Do they hold up against traditional marketing methods?

We’ve already mentioned other forms of advertising above, including newspaper adverts and mailing campaigns. Vehicle wraps are, by contrast, a relatively new mode of marketing. Fortunately, both in terms of reach and financial cost, vinyl wraps are top of their class.

Whilst popular advertising methods include radio slots, TV adverts, billboards, newspapers and direct mailing, the obvious drawback is their short-lived nature, from just 30 seconds for a radio slot to a matter of weeks for a billboard. The most durable vinyl vehicle wraps can last for up to five years, and will be hard at work promoting your brand for every second of those five years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are they as cost-effective as the other modes of marketing mentioned above? Cost effectiveness of marketing channels is measured by cost per thousand impressions, that is, the cost for 1,000 people to see the advert. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association, vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any of the main forms of advertising.

The most expensive of all, naturally, is television advertising, costing over £40 per thousand impressions for primetime exposure. Newspaper promotions aren’t much cheaper at just over £20 per thousand for a quarter-page black and white advert. Radio is somewhat more affordable at around £10 per thousand for a 30 second slot. All of these modes of advertising will reach many tens of thousands of people, but that effect is rather short-lived.

Vinyl vehicle wraps, on the other hand, cost as little as 30p per thousand impressions. Given that, according to the OAA, just one vehicle wrap can create from 3,000 to 30,000 impressions daily, depending on locale, it’s easy to see why vinyl vehicle wraps are considered such a powerful tool in the industry. When this is combined with the fact that they last for up to five years, their unparalleled cost-effectiveness becomes apparent.

There are other benefits that wraps hold over traditional forms of marketing. Promotional wraps are a passive form of advertising – they can be eye-catching, but are unlike radio or television adverts, which must draw your attention and distract you from whatever you are doing for a sustained period of time. This passive, rather than aggressive, mode of advertising achieves far better results among consumers, and ensures that even those who don’t choose to buy from you will be left with a positive impression of your brand.


Tradespeople including electricians, plumbers and builders tend to be viewed as the prime candidates for wraps. This is because these professions generally use a large van for travel from job to job, so the van presents itself as a blank canvas with a huge potential audience. In reality, however, vehicle wraps needn’t be restricted to specific professions or businesses.

Vehicles for bars, restaurants and grills are ideal, especially if the vehicles are used to deliver takeaways. Even if not, the owner’s wrapped vehicle proudly displayed in the car park is a fantastic piece of marketing guaranteed to draw in customers. Specialist retail stores are also good examples, such as kennels and pet groomers, florists and clothing stores.

Many of these businesses do not involve activities where the wrapped vehicle will be driven far and wide. Despite this, if the owner’s vehicle is wrapped, then simply driving to and from work, along with the other errands for which we all use our vehicles, still serves as excellent promotion of your business.

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