Does your business need great value, year round marketing that doesn’t bully your customers? Then vehicle wrapping is the cost-effective solution. With the lowest cost per impression of any marketing channel, you can effectively brand your vehicle, boost recognition and market your business in a positive fashion.

Calculating the cost of vehicle wrapping

However low the costs per impression, the first question any business will want to know the answer to is ‘what’s the upfront cost?’ Even though costs can be as low as 40p per 1000 impressions – a figure no other marketing channel can match – wrapping a fleet of vehicles can be expensive.

Inevitably, you’ll pay more both for quality materials and expert installation, which can make the difference between a hugely effective and durable car wrap and one that starts to create a poor impression after a few hundred miles. However, with a good quality wrap lasting anything up to 7 years and sometimes more, the initial investment can be a profitable one.

What’s the ROI?

Return on investment can be notoriously difficult to calculate. 97% of individuals take notice of vehicle signwriting, with 98% stating that vinyl wraps gave them a positive impression of a company. 29% even go so far as to state that they would base purchasing decisions on that favourable impression. However, tying a specific sale directly to your car graphics can be difficult.

Now consider the rise of ad-blocking, the popularity of streaming services and the fact that most people listen to their own playlists. The opportunities for traditional marketing to actually reach your customers’ eyeballs are few and far between. Not so on the road, where people are forced to pay attention. In fact, your well-designed car wrap may actually be a welcome visual relief for fellow drivers.

Devise a strategy for measuring ROI that involves displaying a specific landing page or telephone number only on your vinyl wrapped vehicles. This data can then be captured to deliver valuable metrics for measuring your ROI and the success of the project.

Find the right message

Messaging and design are critical to the impressions that your vehicle wrapping is designed to create. Keep your copy simple and highlight good graphics – remember, your window of opportunity for creating an impression is limited to around 7-10 seconds.

A few basic rules can help you to deliver the right message:

– Work out what you want the takeaway to be, typically the one thing, like your company name, that you want to be remembered
– Don’t make the reader have to work too hard to understand your message
– Always include a call to action
– Think about context, and whether your car wrap will be static or mobile, as this determines how long your audience has to absorb your message

Ask the experts

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we can help you create simple designs with high impact messaging for your vehicle wrapping in London. Contact us today for more information on our end to end design and installation services.

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