Thanks to great advances in the technology behind the vehicle wrapping process, the possibilities when it comes to designing your vehicle wraps really are unlimited. The ability to create complex, beautiful and eye-catching designs for your car or van mean you can fully customise your vehicle, and the benefits are as endless as the graphics you can now create. What’s more, whatever design you create can easily be replicated pixel for pixel across an entire fleet. So whether you have just the one small run-around or multiple high-sided vans to decorate, no job is too small or too large.

With the new year now well underway and companies everywhere looking to boost their customer numbers over these quieter winter months, there may never have been a better time to look at the advantages you could gain from sprucing up your work vehicles and hitting the road in style.

Why customise your vehicle?

There are obvious advantages to customising your vehicle if you have a company or organisation to promote. Most businesses, from self-employed plumbers and builders to catering firms and florists, will have at least one vehicle they take out and about on a daily basis, fulfilling customer orders or simply getting from home to their place of work. For many, their car or van will be out on the road and visible to the general public round-the-clock, making it a prime advertising space which should not be wasted.

Research has shown that branded vehicles are seen anywhere between 2,000 and 9,000 times an hour. With the potential to introduce your brand to up to 9,000 potential new customers per hour, it makes sound business sense to invest in a vehicle wrap, rather than a radio slot or a small ad in the local newspaper.

Being able to adorn your car or van with your company’s name, logo, contact details and livery not only makes it stand out, but it also introduces your brand to everyone you drive past and conveys all the key information that potential customers will need. Whether your vehicle is parked up outside your workplace or simply sitting on your drive or in the supermarket car park, it’s always working 24/7 to promote your business to everyone who sees it. That’s an opportunity not to be wasted!

The economic uncertainty and rocky financial climate in recent years has meant that competition between companies of all sizes has become so much fiercer, and with 2017 looking set to be a bumpy year, now is definitely the time to be more proactive when it comes to finding new ways to advertise your services. Investing in a vehicle wrap is one of the most positive steps you can take as a business owner. We have all seen vehicles with peeling letters and faded contact information. Not taking pride in your vehicle creates a poor impression in the eyes of potential customers, because few of us would be inclined to reach out to a company which makes so little effort to attract our custom.

People are far more likely to seek you out and boost your sales, if they can see beautiful and well-maintained signage on your fleet of vehicles. Standing out from the competition is vital when the fight is on to win customers from your rivals!

Advances in technology

The days when vehicle graphics were hand painted by a skilled technician have long since gone, but the technology behind vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps has come on so rapidly in recent years that it’s now possible to achieve some extremely complex effects and designs. The possibilities truly are endless when you use a reputable company with the most advanced technology and all the necessary skills and technical know-how.

Vehicle wraps these days are not only crisper, better designed and more versatile, but they are also better able to stand up to whatever the British weather can throw at them and are more long lasting than ever. From simple text to colour changes and the inclusion of high definition photographs and artwork, creating a bespoke design which fully reflects your company and everything it stands for has never been a simpler, more cost-effective and more enjoyable experience.

Being able to fully flex your creative muscles when it comes to designing your vehicle wrap is a great thing, enabling you to take full control over how you present your company to the world. With the aid of graphic designers and fully-trained technicians, harnessing the incredible new printing technology behind vehicle wraps and using it to your advantage gives you a headstart over rival companies. However many vehicles you need to brand, the benefits of vehicle wrapping far outweigh the cost.

How can we help?

Vehicle Sign Writing is the premium van signwriting company working across the whole of the Sussex area. With countless years’ experience in this field, we have invested heavily in the most advanced printing technology on the market, to offer our customers an entirely bespoke, high-quality vehicle wrapping service, which can be tailored entirely to their business needs.

We employ some of the most highly-qualified and experienced designers and technicians in the signage industry, and the vehicle graphic and wrapping services we provide are second to none. With a vehicle wrap from Vehicle Sign Writing, you’re given the creative scope to fully customise your vehicle, and the possibilities are endless. For more information or to book your vehicle in with us, simply get in touch with our expert team today.

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