Penny for Penny, Pound for Pound, Vehicle Graphics are the Best Form of Business Promotion

You’ve probably seen vehicle graphics proudly promoting local companies on the sides and bodies of the vans in your area – indeed, according to marketing research, you might’ve seen several today alone. A highly mobile and customisable form of advertising, vehicle wraps have the potential to reach thousands of people every single day, allowing you to achieve a far greater degree of targeted marketing than would be possible with other forms of promotion, and all of this at a fraction of the price of these other more traditional marketing channels.

Other kinds of adverts transmit their message far and wide to anyone and everyone in the vicinity, regardless of whether or not they constitute your target market of potential consumers. Typically, such adverts are limited to one location in the case of a billboard, or restricted to a particular window in time, such as a radio advertisement slot. Many of these ‘impressions’, or views, are not likely to lead to new custom and sales and are thus effectively wasted expenditure on your marketing budget.

A billboard or radio advert might seem like a good idea, and it can be if you seek only to increase your brand profile and visibility, but the price is out of reach of many small- and medium-sized businesses and once your rented time slot has finished, that’s it. If your message failed to reach interested parties in the relatively small window provided, then your marketing campaign has also failed.

Vehicle-borne adverts, by contrast, allow you to promote your business in a potentially unlimited number of locations with just one advert, due to the mobile nature of anything attached to the side of your vehicle. The scope of your marketing campaign is restricted only by your area of travel. And this restriction isn’t a bad thing – rather, it helps to make your vehicle advert a highly targeted form of promotion.

Focus on Your Target Market

This effect occurs because your work vehicles naturally tend to traverse the same area upon which you depend for your business. Put another way, a small local business may provide its services to a provincial town and the surrounding villages. Travelling any further for work isn’t worth it economically. With promotional graphics affixed to your vehicle and travelling with you around this catchment area, you can ensure that the vast majority of those who encounter your promotion are potential customers.

The same applies to regional and national companies using work vehicles – by their very nature, vehicle graphics are perfectly targeted to your customer base. This means not a penny is wasted and every pound spent goes towards generating impressions amongst the very people upon whom you depend for custom. This is one of the reasons why vehicle advertisements are so cost-effective and economical.

Turning Heads

And vehicle wraps certainly generate plenty of impressions! One study by the Outdoor Advertising Association found that vehicle wraps and graphics can attract around 3,000 views an hour when stationary on a high street or busy road, and between 25,000 and 80,000 impressions a day when on the move, dependent of course on where and how far the van is driven.

This effect is also particularly long-lived, in stark contrast to billboards and radio or TV adverts. Vehicle-borne adverts can last around five years or more, depending on the quality of materials used. Vehicle graphics are initially designed on a computer before being printed onto a sheet of heavy-duty vinyl which is then stretched around the vehicle. This process can be applied to a part of the vehicle, such as the rear doors or bonnet, or the whole body for a particularly striking effect.

Considering the potential to attract tens of thousands of highly targeted impressions per day, combined with the fact that vinyl lasts for around five years, it’s abundantly clear that the cost per thousand impressions – the standard measure for comparing the cost-effectiveness of different forms of promotion – must be resoundingly low. Market research suggests it comes in as low as just 40 pence per thousand impressions.

To put this in perspective, a direct mail campaign reaching a thousand people costs £19.40, whilst a radio slot comes in at £12.10. This means that vehicle wraps offer a lower expenditure per thousand impressions than any other conventional form of promotion. It’s important to remember the very short-term nature of these other modes of advertising when considering these features, and doing so demonstrates further still how powerfully cost-effective a vehicle graphics solution can be.

Economies of Scale

The fact that your graphics will be designed on a computer before being printed digitally allows for the creation of consistent graphics across entire fleets of vehicles. But for those smaller businesses who don’t maintain vehicle fleets, graphics can still offer many powerful benefits. For one, by employing marketing techniques that many may think are reserved solely for larger companies, you can elevate the standing and profile of your own business.

As evidence, another piece of research by the Outdoor Advertising Association found that consumers gained more favourable opinions of companies that promoted themselves with vehicle wraps, regardless of whether or not they’d used the companies’ services or not. Secondly, the digital nature of your graphics means that repairs to your precious van wrap are very easily and relatively inexpensively completed by simply printing a repair patch of vinyl, instead of the painstaking task of repainting or respraying the damaged area.

As we can see, vehicle wraps and graphics are cost-effective and economical, but this doesn’t mean compromises in terms of reach or pulling power. That’s why we at The Sussex Sign Company offer a holistic car and van graphics service, with in-house teams of qualified and talented experts working on every step of your project. If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Image of - Full colour vehicle wrap with vinyl text - Sussex signs