Wrapping presents is a traditional Christmas task, so why not strengthen your branding by wrapping your vehicles? After all, if you want your clients to have your brand fresh in their minds, a vehicle wrap is a smart investment capable of creating over 30,000 impressions a day.

But your vehicle wrapping isn’t only a cost-effective way to get your branding out into the world. Think of your vehicle wrap as a mobile billboard that excites the interests of your customers whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or parked outside a client’s house.

High resolution, beautifully executed vinyl wraps can deliver low-cost, high-impact marketing. That, in turn, boosts brand awareness and recognition which can drive sales.

Attention-grabbing vehicle wrapping

With so many visuals competing for the customer’s attention, your wrap needs to stand out. In the Instagram age, you’re looking for shares and likes, so go all out to make your vehicle wrap something that will make passers-by stop, snap and share.

Vinyl wraps can work for any business, even if the only vehicle you use is your own car. Remember, the branding on the car parked on your drive is still working for you, 24 hours a day.

Familiarity breeds sales

An estimated 60% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they’ve heard of. A well-designed car wrap can help to raise the profile of your brand so that you become the preferred choice for customers. If people recognise the name of your business from your professional and well-designed vinyl wrap, they’ll be more likely to use your services when a pipe bursts or they need help using their laptop.

Build your image

Use vehicle wrapping and you’ll announce your brand to the world. That can have some important consequences for your image and the way you’re perceived by potential customers. Using car graphics puts your brand out there as a professional undertaking that can even give the impression that your startup or small business is larger and more robust than it actually is.

Work with a professional designer to create an eye-catching design and who knows where that image will end up? Shares and likes on social media can also help to build the image of your brand as someone to do business with.

Target your audience in London

Big brands send their trucks and vans countrywide carrying their recognisable livery. But your vehicle wrapping can be just as effective in a small and targeted geographical area. That’s why a vinyl wrap is a better investment than a static billboard – you have control over where you park and higher reach when you drive.

If you’re a landscaping company, always park your branded vehicle outside an ongoing job so the neighbours can put two and two together and get in touch. Make sure your vehicle is seen where potential customers will make a connection between their needs and your services – the best marketing always seeks to give the answers to a question your customer didn’t even know they had!

At Vehicle Sign Writing we offer a premium service that will boost your brand this Christmas or at any time of year, so get in touch with us today.