What does your vehicle signwriting say about your West Sussex business? If your branding is cheap looking or non-existent, then you’re being overlooked in favour of other businesses that have put some care and thought into their vehicle livery.

Think about it from your customer’s perspective. No one wants to employ a cowboy, but if they have the choice between a smartly branded van and a blank one, it seems clear which business cares more about its reputation.

Build credibility with signage

Whether you brand a single van or an entire fleet, you’re building credibility. Your business will seem trustworthy and becomes instantly recognisable when you use your vehicles as a mobile billboard. There’s an added bonus in that a recognisable vehicle is much more difficult to steal.

Letting the customer know that you care about the impression your business gives off gives them the confidence that you’ll take care of their property and do a good job.

Cost-effective lead generation

Vehicle signage has a lower cost per impression than TV, magazine, radio and billboard advertising, because of its unique reach. Your van signs will be seen by thousands of people a month for low cost advertising that makes a massive impact.

You’ll generate leads too. Because you’re in a business where no one comes to the office, carry a business card and your mobile marketing becomes a way to generate business on the fly. That won’t happen with an unbranded vehicle. Instead, you’re marketing your services right where your potential customers are. Your vehicle parked on the street outside a job is getting thousands of views and convincing customers to make a note of your number. After all, why advertise if you’re not a credible business?

Getting it right

Before you even contact a signage company, you’ll need to have your logo, high resolution imagery and any non-standard fonts ready to go in the most common formats. Any designer will want to know the age, make and model of your vehicle, so that they can create a best match computer-generated model.

Now think about your existing branding – are you happy with your corporate colours and logo? Is your branding still relevant to your business? If things could do with a refresh, then branding your vehicles is a great way to get the new logo out there.

If your branding works for you, then make sure you keep it consistent across your vehicle wraps, leaflets, social media and other marketing channels – it makes the conversion process far easier if your customers are confident they’re working with one business.

Keep your message simple, with the most important information in a large and visible sans serif font. And be unique – ask yourself why your customer would take notice of your van and not a competitor’s?

Discuss your options

When you get in touch with us at Vehicle Sign Writing, we’ll talk you through your options. A full vinyl wrap makes the biggest impact, but you may need a more budget-friendly option like a half wrap, decals or vehicle signwriting. We can offer a full range of vehicle signage options in a range of materials that will help you maximise your return on investment in vehicle signwriting.