Vinyl wraps are a great way to brand and promote your business. But do you know what vehicle signwriting is and how you can get the best out of this unique form of marketing?

What is vehicle signage?

Vehicle graphics are the cost-effective and high impact way to brand your business. Of course, vehicle signwriting isn’t a new idea – in the Victorian era, carts and other vehicles were often clearly painted with the name and address of the business they served.

Wrapping a car or van in vinyl is a 21st century take on the old tradition of using your vehicle to advertise your business. It’s long lasting and has the lowest costs per impression of any marketing channel, with an estimated 3,000 views per hour, and even more in a busy city like London.

Where is it most effective?

The beauty of a car wrap is that is can target your local market, while acting as a mobile billboard that attracts the attention of customers outside your local area. Whether you’re out on the open road or parked outside a client’s home or your office, your car signwriting attracts attention, even when you’re stuck in traffic – in fact, 91% of motorists will notice your mobile marketing.

When do I need car graphics?

Are you launching a new brand or rebranding your business? Then car graphics are the savvy way to build recognition for your logo and brand colours. Because a cast vinyl wrap can last up to 8 years or more, this form of marketing can create a long lasting impression.

Well thought out vehicle signwriting is ideal for a wide range of businesses, but particularly benefits trades and services. If you’re an emergency locksmith or plumber, then a van wrap lets you advertise your services exactly where people need them. Focus your design around your USP and next time someone has an emergency, they’ll know exactly who to call.

How do I get the most out of a vinyl wrap?

Develop a strategic partnership with a sign company who can offer a professional end to end service, from design to fabrication to installation. That way, you’ll minimise costs and develop a campaign that delivers maximised conversion rates.

Your wrap design should strike a balance between being eye-catching and streamlined. Keep text to a minimum, focusing on your branding and contact details. Unless you’re a business with a strong social media presence, don’t add your Facebook or Twitter details.

Keep lists of services to a minimum – play to your strengths and include your USP to differentiate your services from the competition. If you decide to use a photo image, employ a professional photographer and use a high resolution image. Remember, you’re better off highlighting your branding than using imagery that doesn’t immediately connect to your brand.

Why do I need vehicle signage?

Vehicle signwriting is the ultimate in non-aggressive marketing. It doesn’t butt into your favourite song or interrupt that must watch TV programme. More importantly, it can’t be ignored by using an ad blocker. Potential customers respond strongly to persuasive marketing when it’s well executed, so contact Vehicle Sign Writing today and we’ll help you optimise your vehicle signage in London.