Using the right technology and components can make all the difference for a sign making business. Choosing the most advanced printers and compatible inks can enable a business to be more efficient and save money.

Printer manufacturers, such as HP, are now working more closely with businesses to provide machines that can work with a number of different inks. This includes the latest HP Latex printer models, which when used in conjunction with HP Latex inks, can increase a company’s production capabilities. They can improve lead times, as the prints are able to be used straight away, allowing a company to offer their customers a higher level of service.

In the future, HP wants to improve the sign industry by offering machines that can cater for a range of different applications. Moving on from their Latex models, this will open up the industry to new technologies and capabilities. With a limited about of outlay, businesses will then be able to diversify, opening themselves up to new customers.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we search the market for the latest printer models, allowing us to keep up to date with the newest technology and provide our customers with exceptional quality and standards