Vehicle signwriting is a long-established art.

Previously involving a pot of paint and a paintbrush, the advent of the vinyl wrap and recent developments in the technology have blown away the historical limits as to what you can achieve on the side of your vehicle. Some firms use self-adhesive vinyl to neatly and effectively display logos, business names and contact details. Others opt for a whole-vehicle vinyl wrap covered with professional eye-catching graphics. Ultimately, you are free to choose a form of signwriting most appropriate for your business. But besides simply making you stand out from the competition and helping you to stake out your territory, what else can vehicle signage do for you?

There are many other benefits that your business stands to gain from this versatile and cost-effective form of advertising, from developing your company brand to protecting the value and physical integrity of your fleet. In this article, we look at the many benefits that vehicle signwriting has to offer, and how you can best take full advantage of them with a solution tailored to the size and requirements of your business. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Cost-effective high-exposure marketing

When planning a marketing campaign, many different media channels come to mind – particularly, newspapers, radio and billboards. The costs involved in all of these marketing mediums are very high prices to pay for any small or medium business, but all the more so when the cost-per-impression is considered. It’s also important to note that the cost of signwriting is a one-off sum, as opposed to the regular payments associated with billboard or newspaper space.

When the costs-per-impression of all of these advertising channels are placed side by side, the case for vehicle signage becomes even clearer as the most economically sensible form of marketing in the arsenal of any business. According to the UK’s statistics authority, drivers on average spend one month of every year sat behind the wheel, and you can expect up to 3,000 people to see your vehicle every day. Unlike a newspaper advert, signwriting allows your vehicle to advertise to a far wider audience wherever you are travelling, enabling access to markets you may never have engaged otherwise.

Depending on the vehicle signage solution chosen, these statistics means that cost per 100 impressions for van signwriting can be as low as just 4 pence. By comparison, a radio advertising slot costs £1.20 per 100 impressions, while a direct mailing campaign is even pricier at £1.95 per 100. Vehicle signage is without a doubt far more cost-effective, even more so given the 3-5 year lifespan of higher quality vinyl.

Frequent fresh looks

Cheaper vinyl has a shorter service life, typically around a year. This isn’t a negative feature, however, as it provides an excellent solution for seasonal or time-limited promotional van signwriting as part of a wider marketing campaign. Equally, companies with just two or three vehicles may wish to refresh the appearance of their fleet more frequently to produce an effect that is guaranteed to keep turning heads. Likewise, businesses with larger fleets can exploit this option when launching new branded campaigns by carrying the campaign across the entire fleet, reaping the benefits of a powerful cross-channel marketing campaign.

Localised brand development

Because your vehicle signage goes wherever you go, the most likely audience will be people in your local area. Over time, local people will start to recognise your vehicle and feel familiar with your brand, instilling a sense of trust and reliability in these potential clients. This, in turn, can inculcate the feeling in others that you and your business are a part of the local ecosystem. This acceptance into the local community is a vital asset for any small or medium business dependent upon locally-based custom.

Non-aggressive advertising

We’ve all had the misfortune to land on the receiving end of misplaced aggressive sales techniques, from street ‘chugging’ to classic cold calling. It’s not pleasant and doesn’t leave a positive impression of the brand. Even having a leaflet thrust into your hand or receiving unsolicited junk mail can be annoying if you’re not in the mood for it. Well-designed and artful signwriting or a striking vehicle wrap can help to sell your product, service or brand. It will leave a pleasing, positive impression without any need for the ‘in your face’ style of more aggressive marketing techniques.

Protect and preserve your fleet’s resale value

The most modern and effective mode of vehicle signwriting involves the use of self-adhesive vinyl lettering, pre-stencilled and skilfully cut from a vinyl sheet. More comprehensive forms of vehicle signage usually rely upon full or partial vinyl wraps. Vinyl wraps allow for the application of stunning graphics to your vehicle, but they also protect the vehicle’s paintwork from abrasions and stone chips. The use of protective over-laminate can further enhance this protective effect, and vinyl can easily be removed before resale.

Self-adhesive vinyl lettering, equally easy to remove, can also help to preserve your vehicle’s value. Alternative signwriting techniques generally involve spray-painting directly onto the vehicle surface, which necessitates the additional cost of repainting the vehicle before sale. In contrast, vinyl signwriting can even be applied to rental vehicles, so easy and painless is it to remove once the lease is up.


Signwriting offers an affordable and accessible mode of marketing with a huge number of associated benefits. Whilst vinyl signwriting may be more common than it used to be, it will always be the case that a well-designed and striking sign will be certain to turn heads. Naturally, you want to attract attention for the right reasons, however, and here at The Sussex Sign Company we have the experience and knowledge, finely honed over many years in the business, to help you choose and design the vehicle signage appropriate to your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to see what we can do for you.


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