Vehicle wrapping has come a long way since it was first developed and the materials that have been traditionally used cannot cope with the complexities of today’s requirements. Metamark has developed a new type of wrapping film that will see the market evolve further.

When vehicle wrapping was first introduced, digital printing was not at the stage that it is today. Digital outputs have dramatically improved the quality of prints that can be produced and the old style of films didn’t live up to this. There has also been a change in the attitudes and demands of customers, who are now looking for a much more advanced design. There is less of a requirement for lettering to be cut out and more of the design is printed out.

MetaWrap MD-X can be easily stretched and manipulated over even the most complex of surfaces. The material deals with both heat and inks effectively, meaning that the image doesn’t become distorted. The use of MD-X allows for more complex designs to be created, improving the finish of the vehicle.

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