From the low cost per thousand impressions to the ability to get to the heart of your target market, vehicle livery is an impressive marketing weapon. But in order for it to convey your message to your chosen audience, you need to nail your graphic design. Without a clean, consistent and original look to your vehicle wrap, you won’t capture your customers’ interest and boost awareness of your brand.

There are some obvious do’s when it comes to car wrap design. When it comes to maximising the impact of your graphics, less is very much more. Keeping it simple will create the maximum impact because your viewers have just seconds to register your design. You literally have just seconds to create that all important first impression. With that in mind, here are the do’s and don’ts that you need to be aware of when creating your killer vehicle graphics.

Do use your logo

It may seem obvious, but some car wraps are based on stunning designs that bear no relation to the business being advertised. It’s critical that you base your vinyl wrap on your logo if you want to raise brand awareness and recognition – this leaves your audience in no doubt about the business being advertised.

Make sure your logo is front and centre on the bonnet, doors and tailgate of cars, vans and lorries. These are the most visible areas to the public. Choose a high contrast background for readability and keep everything scaled consistently with the way your logo appears elsewhere.

Don’t lose your message

It’s easy to get carried away with a vinyl wrap design and keep adding elements until the original message is lost. You want to intrigue the viewer, but you also want them to call or get in touch.

Focus on your contact details, logo or other branding and call to action, so your viewers can easily identify who you are and what it is you offer.

Do make it a marketing masterpiece

Of course, your vinyl wrap graphics can function as pure design, but you won’t get many customer calls. The difference between creating an artwork and a marketing piece is the emphasis on your objective and the way that your design elements are used to serve that objective.

Loving your design is not the same as loving your marketing. If necessary, trial your vehicle livery design with a focus group or run some market research to assess its effectiveness. However cost-effective your vinyl wrap may be, it’s still money wasted if your target audience fails to respond to your message.

Don’t use low quality images for your vehicle livery

Whether you want to use a photo portrait of the founder or a beautiful graphic image that reflects the story of your brand, make sure you use high resolution imagery. Never use blurry or indistinct photos and if necessary, have them shot by a professional – the expense will be worth it in the long run.

If you want to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard and experience all the benefits that car graphics can deliver in East Sussex and beyond, get in touch. We’ll help you maximise ROI with stunning vehicle livery that converts customer interest into sales when you contact us today.