There can be little doubt about it – only a handful of days into the New Year, and 2017 looks like it’s going to be a difficult one for business owners all across the United Kingdom. The year had barely begun before fashion giant Next issued dire warnings that 2017 would be a ‘challenging’ year for the High Street, and the share prices for a number of major big brand names took a tumble on the back of the announcement. Now we find that it isn’t just the retail sector which is taking a gloomy outlook on 2017 – senior figures in the automotive industry and the hospitality and service sectors have all warned that uncertainty around Brexit could have a damaging impact on sales and revenue this year, while consumer confidence is still in the doldrums since the financial crash a decade ago.

With a challenging year on the cards, business owners everywhere are no doubt looking for ever more innovative and cost-effective ways to build their consumer base and stay ahead of the competition. If you own or run a small or medium business, one of the best ways you can advertise yourself and capture a whole new slice of the market is through vehicle signage. Whether you own a white van, a fleet of luxury cars or a simple runaround to take you to and from jobs, the benefits of well-designed and professionally made vehicle signage cannot be underestimated.

Advertising on the go

When you think about how many vehicles there are on Britain’s roads, it’s easy to see why marketing your business through powerful vehicle signage is simply common sense. With your van or car adorned with your company name, logo and contact details, you have a prime piece of advertising space which is always visible and always on the go, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for the entire year. Whether you’re driving on a motorway, sitting in stationary traffic at a red light or just parked up outside your place of work, your vehicle is giving constant exposure to your brand and doing the marketing for you.

A distinctive corporate livery on the side of your vehicle will not only help differentiate you from rival firms in your industry, but it will lodge in the minds of anyone and everyone who sees it. When you consider the thousands of pedestrian and fellow motorists you drive past day in, day out, you realise just what a large audience you can reach through the text and artwork on your vehicle. If you own a fleet of vans or cars, whatever your industry, a uniform wrapping applied to each vehicle ensures you’re easily identifiable and potential customers can recognise you from afar.

For the cost of just a few pence a day, you could be marketing your company to the general public in a far more effective way than any other advertising media. Paying to take out a newspaper advert, issuing a radio plug or launching a flyer campaign are all useful in their own way, but they are a short-lived and sometimes ineffective means to reaching your target market. If the people you need to attract don’t see or hear the advert or the leaflet goes straight into the recycling, it’s precious money down the drain. A vehicle sign, on the other hand, reaches everyone who sees it – and manufactured to a high standard, it lasts for years.

No Better Time to Invest

With so much doom and gloom around as we begin 2017, there really has never been a better time to take a more proactive approach to your marketing campaign. No matter what industry you work in and no matter what size your business is, there can be little doubt that competition this year is going to be fiercer than it has ever been, and you’ll need to think creatively to keep one step ahead of your rivals. Making use of your vehicle as a marketing tool is one of the most cost-effective and innovative ways of ensuring you reach the people you need to reach and steal a march on the competition.

January is the perfect time to harness some of those good intentions we all begin the New Year with, and apply them to your company. We all make personal New Year resolutions for self-improvement, but there’s no reason the same rules shouldn’t apply to your business too. If you make one promise to yourself for the start of 2017, you couldn’t do much better than investing in vehicle signage to give your company that healthy kick-start it may well need over the winter months. While it may seem a significant outlay at a time when we’re all tightening our belts, new signage can only bring positive benefits to your business.

The sheer diversity of vehicle signwriting means nothing is off-limits, and you can let your imagination flow. Here at Vehicle Sign Writing, we have many years’ experience applying the most cutting edge techniques in vehicle signage, and we’re the go-to people when it comes to vehicle signwriting, van wrapping, car signs and graphics. Our highly skilled and professional team are experts in this field, bringing you a wealth of creativity and technical know-how to craft some of the boldest and most beautiful bespoke designs. For more information on how we can help you use your vehicle as a marketing tool in 2017, simply contact us today for friendly advice and guidance.

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