If you want to make your vehicle stand out on the streets of London then here are the latest vehicle signage trends. From vintage to minimalism, trends such as personalisation and abstraction are creating designs that make your mobile marketing stand out.

The decal micro trend

Signage that stands out is all about the customer experience, but you don’t need a full car wrap to make an impact. Smaller decals that give your brand a personality are a growing trend and can create a huge impact for minimal outlay. It’s all about creating a distinctive brand persona so involve your entire team in the design process.

Make it personal

The micro decal trend is also central to the increasing interest in personalisation in marketing. Generic branding is tried and tested, but if you can offer your customers something visually interesting, diverse and relatable then you’ve already developed a brand connection that is eye-catching and personal.

Back to basics

When it comes to car wraps, less has always been more. This is a trend that will really kick in during 2019 and beyond so get a head start and rethink your existing vehicle graphics by stripping them back and keeping them simple, straightforward and memorable.

Too much visual clutter can be off-putting for your customers. Instead, focus on design trends such as complex gradients and abstraction to add playfulness and depth to your designs. Don’t be afraid of adding bright colour to your pared back design as this creates eye-catching interest for your audience. Minimise the chaos and let your minimalist graphics work as a silent salesperson.

Make the most of materials

The type of vinyls available for your next car wrap may surprise you. From super-chic matte and satin finishes to animal hides, velvet and high shine gloss, we can create a protective skin for your vehicle that instantly attracts attention.

Not only can a vinyl wrap enhance the look of your vehicle and transmit a marketing message that boosts brand recognition, but a high-quality wrap will also protect your vehicle from minor scrapes, leaving your bodywork in perfect condition when it’s time to remove your wrap or try something new.

Be bold

Bold graphics and typography is a trend that’s set to go full steam ahead in 2019 as it crosses over from web design. Ideal for vehicle wraps, bold design delivers the impact you need with fewer design elements, making it the ideal fit with the new minimalism.

Professional signage design

To really get the best out of your vehicle wrap in London, work with the professionals. They’ll be on top of every new design trend and know how to make them work for your marketing.

At Vehicle Sign Writing we’re experts at maximising the return on your investment with carefully thought through designs using high-quality materials. If vehicle sign writing is on your marketing radar for 2019 then please contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise you as to the best design and vinyl trends for your marketing.