How many typical white vans do you think you’ve seen already today? Every day, vans are used for essential tasks by hundreds of thousands of businesses up and down the country. If you regularly drive a van as part of your business operations, not only do you have access to a means of transport, but you also have a powerful promotional tool in your hands, even if you don’t yet know it.

The body of your van provides you with a large amount of space upon which you can advertise your services – space that you already own. Vehicle sign writing is used nowadays by many businesses and you are likely see several such vans displaying their trading name and contact details on every journey you make. Marketing research suggests that a single vehicle sign is viewed by up to 3,000 people in an hour, depending on your journey and location.

What is Sign Writing?

There’s a reason so many businesses have invested in quality sign writing on their vans, and that’s because they deliver real results in terms of driving new custom. Traditionally, vehicle sign writing required the skills of a kind of artist who, with a paintbrush and pot of paint, literally wrote your sign on the side of the vehicle.

Nowadays, however, things have developed a little. Modern signs, be they wraps or stencilled lettering, are fabricated from adhesive-backed high quality vinyl. The vinyl lettering is cut out of a sheet of vinyl material by a computer-controlled cutter to produce perfectly formed lettering and shapes which are then affixed to the surface of the vehicle by their adhesive underside.

Producing and installing these signs clearly still requires the professional touch, but is evidently far simpler than traditional brush and paint techniques, and can be applied reasonably easily depending on the adhesive technology used.

Long-lasting Promotion

Some vinyl signs have special channels built into the adhesive side to allow air a route of egress, preventing bubbles. Others use a soapy solution to allow the sign to be positioned perfectly, before a card is used to press out the fluid from behind the sign, allowing the adhesive to bond with the substrate. In either case, it’s not difficult or expensive to achieve a very high-quality level of finish on your sign.

This degree of quality is partly due to the resilient properties of vinyl itself. Vinyl signs are highly durable and can be expected to remain colourfast for at least five years. Considering that these signs are placed on the sides of vehicles, and as such will be exposed to the elements all year round, this is very impressive and promising for business owners.

And best of all, vinyl sign writing can be applied to any vehicle, commercial or not. Vehicles are an ideal means by which to promote a business. A van sign transforms a plain but trusty workhorse into a mobile salesperson, helping to drive further custom and sales alongside raising the profile of the business in question by making it seem a much more professional affair. Read on as we take a look at the range of benefits delivered by quality signage, and it’ll become clear just why these signs are so important for any business.

Quality Sign Writing Could Grow Your Business

As covered above, the primary source of the power of vehicle signage is that it’s a mobile form of promotion. Put simply, this means that wherever you go, your advertisement goes too. This is extremely useful for businesses dependent on local custom, because your van will be driving around a catchment area populated exclusively by your target market – the local population.

As such, vehicle signs are an excellently targeted form of promotion with which few other promotional mediums are able to compete. This same principle works for regional and national companies. Your van or fleet of vehicles spends its time moving through and stationed in areas where your target audience resides.

This ensures that every penny spent on vinyl vehicle signs goes towards generating new interest in your business, instead of showing your advert to people who are not or cannot be potential customers, making vehicle signage a particularly cost-effective form of business promotion.

Consistency for Cross-fleet Branding

Vinyl sign lettering is a particularly outstanding solution for branding across entire fleets of business vehicles. As mentioned earlier, vinyl lettering is stenciled from the sheet of vinyl by a computer-controlled tool. Printed vinyl signs are likewise designed and printed digitally. This ensures that fleets of vehicles can be treated to reliable and consistent signage and lettering, with designs easily scaled up or down for different types of vehicles. Damaged vinyl signs can also be repaired with ease.

Consistency is paramount when it comes to branding of any kind, but nowhere is this more important than in the realm of business vehicle signage. Not only does your promotional signage promote your services to people who require them immediately, but it also engenders a degree of brand familiarity in anyone who sees your sign.

The majority of viewers of your sign will not require your services at that moment. However, sufficient levels of brand familiarity make sure that your brand and business will be in the front of everyone’s mind when they do come to need what you offer. Without consistency in your branding, though, brand familiarity is impossible because the viewer won’t be able to associate the many impressions that your adverts create. In short, therefore, promotional branding requires consistency to be effective, and the digital nature of vinyl signs makes consistency easily achievable.

If you’d like to hear more about the powers that quality sign writing could deliver to your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Sussex Sign Company has decades of experience in the sector and we’d be thrilled to put that expertise to work for your company, no matter how large or small. Call us today on 01273 417059

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