With Britain expected to bask in baking temperatures all summer long, it’s time to think about your outdoor marketing. You might have an A-frame sign for your food truck when you’re parked up. Your use of integrated social marketing channels might be second to none. But have you considered a vinyl wrap? Turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard might just be the best way to build your brand over this summer and beyond.

Active marketing

Whether you’re doing the rounds of your usual haunts or visiting this summer’s food and music festivals, a van wrap gets you noticed. This type of active marketing keeps your offering top of mind wherever you go. Integrated with your social media channels, you’ll create a real buzz about your cuisine, summer menus and seasonal specials.

Whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam or parked up at the beach, your truck is generating impressions. Vehicle signage is not only highly cost-effective but creates an impact that drives brand recognition and makes your truck memorable. Vehicle signwriting is the fastest growing marketing channel, because statistically, the message on your food truck’s graphics is taken notice of far more frequently than other forms of marketing.

Build an appetite with outdoor signage

Any vehicle graphics need to be carefully designed and thought through. But when you’re wrapping your food truck, you have the opportunity to not only build brand awareness but to build expectations and appetites too.

The right graphics will create interest in your food offering, tempting customers to give you a try. Over time, you’ll make people hungry whenever they see your logo and you’ll build some real energy whenever you park up. The sign of a successful food truck is the queue waiting for food – imagine being able to create that dynamic whenever people catch sight of your logo?

You’ll soon build your business through word of mouth. Create brand recognition with a recognisable logo and you’ll differentiate your truck from the competition. That’s the benefit of spectacular outdoor signage.

Get the look

Eye-catching vehicle wraps are the savvy way to get your message out to as many potential customers as possible. You should already have a strong brand identity to use for your graphics, but there are other choices you need to make.

If you’re content to focus on your logo, then vehicle signwriting might be for you. If you want to keep it simple, opt for vehicle signwriting – a combination of decals and lettering might be enough to get your message across. Otherwise, you need to opt for a full or partial vinyl wrap – premium cast vinyl will last longer, calendered vinyl is cheaper but not as durable.

Wrapping your vehicle lets your imagination run riot, completely or partially encasing your food truck in a long lasting vinyl coat that protects your vehicles from bangs and scrapes – when you come to upgrade, you’ll maximise the resale value because your paintwork will be in great shape.

We’ll get you noticed!

If you run a food truck in London, then we can help you get noticed. We’ll maximise your return on investment to deliver a real boost for your business, so contact us today for more information.