High-tech, durable and eye-catching: new vehicle wrap films are set to shake up the market

Spandex has long been renowned as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the signage and graphics industry, famed for pushing innovative and novel solutions for vehicle wraps, car graphics and digital prints. This reputation received a boost in the past few weeks with the addition of several new products to its already extensive portfolio. These include a total of four new series of vehicle film wraps from Oracol, 3M and Avery Dennison, together with a wall film by Avery Dennison which is intended for interior decorating.

3M Wrap Film 1380 series

3M’s new 1380 wrap film series consists of a selection of long-life cast films designed for solid-colour vehicle wrapping. Vinyl wrap films are increasingly being chosen over paint, not just for advertisements or business livery, but also for solid-colour ‘resprays’. This is due to the greater variety of finishes, including textured styles, alongside the advantages of lower cost and ease of removal.

3M’s 1380 series is sold in 1.5m-wide rolls and is available in 14 different colours, including gloss royal yellow, gloss hot-rod red and gloss mineral grey, alongside satin, metallic and matte variants of other hues. The construction of the film includes a white under-layer intended to increase film opacity, increasing the intensity of the surface colour and blocking any interference from the substrate colour. A transparent external coating provides durable weather protection and scratch resistance.

One of the main features of the 1380 series is the ‘knifeless’ technology employed to provide high conformability. This means that, in theory at least, the film can be applied to even the most recessed areas of the vehicle body without needing to cut it at all. The application process is made still easier by 3M’s Controltac Technology, allowing light positioning and repositioning to achieve the correct orientation. The final bond is not formed until firm pressure is applied. 3M has also incorporated anti-bubble technology into the 1380 series – the film is layered with a minute structure of air channels to allow bubbles to be dispersed quickly for a smooth finish.

Oracal 970 series

Spandex has also announced that it is stocking an additional array of films from Oracal. The Oracal 970 series Premium Shift Effect Cast range of films is designed to change in colour when viewed from a different angle, providing a ‘two-tone’ effect that is subtle at first, but striking when noticed. The 970 film wrap series receives five new shades – good news, considering that the range was limited to just one ‘green-blue’ option initially. The new shades come in both matte and gloss finishes, and include avocado, aquamarine, amethyst, ultramarine violet and the enticingly-named pearl symphony. Oracal offer rolls in widths of 1.52m, intended for full car coverage.

Avery Dennison Transparent Coloured Overlaminates

From Avery Dennison, an acclaimed graphics company focusing on high-tech and high-end solutions, come three new translucent overlaminate films available in green, purple and orange. Any of these overlaminates can be layered on top of Avery Dennison’s Conform Chrome range of films to allow car graphics designers to produce new colours through combination. The Conform Chrome range has not yet been expanded, but to date includes a broad selection of five very high gloss finishes in black, gold, silver, red, and blue chrome. The potential to experiment with different combinations has both end-users and car graphics specialists alike very excited.

The extra layer of material provided by the Transparent Coloured Overlaminates, despite a thickness of just 2mm, is also designed to enhance the depth of image when used to cover a graphic vinyl wrap, along with providing protection from UV, scratches, humidity and temperature damage. Other possible applications include protecting window graphics, wall murals or even outdoor signage, given the high weather resistance provided.

The range of overlaminates additionally provide the helpful feature of reducing unfortunate lacquer picks and surface mottle defects that may have arisen in the substrate film with the passage of time. This shouldn’t be a problem with Avery’s own Conform Chrome range, however, which makes use of their much-vaunted and patented Easy Apply RS adhesive technology.

Avery Dennison MPI 1105 wrapping series

In addition to the coloured overlaminates, Avery’s MPI 1105 series of wraps builds on the firm’s technological achievements regarding high conformability and extends this into the realm of printed graphical wraps. Intended as the cure-all for printed car graphics, the MPI 1105 is compatible with a wide range of inks, including UV, latex, solvent and eco-solvent variants. This series of wraps also boasts the Easy Apply RS adhesive system to simplify installation still further.

Avery Dennison Wall Film MPI 8000 series

Designed for wall graphics, the MPI 8000 series comes in three textures – canvas, stucco and stone – alongside three non-textured variants. All of these films are intended for wall graphics and are highly printable, accommodating UV, latex, solvent and eco-solvent inks, but will even last up to four years in a durable state if left unprinted. Avery Dennison produces rolls of the MPI 8000 series in widths of 1.37m, making it compatible with most print platforms.

Whilst all of the textured options use hi-tack adhesive, each of the three non-textured variants comes with a different adhesive, including one designed to be removed easily, making it perfect for trade shows, exhibitions and other temporary installations. In longer term applications, the film’s thickness and high opacity serve to guarantee that the underlying substrate remains totally concealed.

Excited yet?

We certainly are! These new products represent a growing trend of innovation in car graphics, with movement towards greater customisability, flexibility and increasing the ‘wow’ factor of the finished item, which is important whether your vehicle is for private use, or part of a commercial fleet. The Sussex Sign Company can offer personalised advice on the latest products and advances in vehicle film wrapping technology to ensure that all of our clients find the solution most appropriate to their particular needs.

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