Easy-Pro from APA is a new vinyl that has been launched onto the market. This self-adhesive film offers users fire resistance, making it suitable for a range of environments.

The vinyl can be used for a variety of applications, especially flat and smooth surfaces, in areas such as retail windows, exhibition displays and advertising stands. One of the major benefits of this range of vinyl is that it?s suitable for applications where it?s necessary to have a fire resistant certificate. The vinyl is certified to European B-S2-D0 standards, enabling it to be used at exhibitions, trade shows and other public locations.

The Easy-Pro range is perfect for decorating ceilings, walls and platforms for both short and medium term projects. It provides users with high quality coverage and an excellent level of colour, even when used on darker surfaces. The material can be easily cut to provide a more personalised design. The vinyl is available in an extensive range of colours, enabling customers to match it to their existing styles and branding.

Here at Vehicle sign writing we work closely with our customers to ensure that the designs and materials we use are in accordance with their requirements, including any fire safety measures.