Did you know that your van can be so much more than a van? With well designed vehicle signage, it can act as a mobile business card or even a mobile billboard. Your advertising is as effective – and much less costly – than TV or radio marketing and it can’t be blocked like online advertising. In fact, this form of marketing literally makes your van the message – and it can be one of the most effective weapons in your advertising arsenal.

You have the medium, what’s the message?

Your marketing message should reflect the personality of your business and your passion for connecting with your customers. The font you choose, the colours that tie everything together and the wording itself should all add to the narrative of your business.

If you’re quirky and fresh, a brand new start up or a cheeky new face on the high street, try channeling that into your design. Unique graphics that will pique the interest of your target audience, appealing contemporary san serif fonts and colours that oppose each other on the colour wheel bring something fresh and funky to your vehicle wraps.

If you’re a well established business, then reflect your gravitas with traditional business colours including black, gunmetal and light grey. Opt for fonts that are unfussy and bold, bearing in mind that more old-fashioned typography can work to give a well-established business some serious visual clout.

What medium is right for my vehicle signage?

A complete vehicle wrap delivers high impact, bang for your buck marketing, but it’s not the only available choice. If your marketing budget is tight, then opt for a partial wrap or vinyl decals. You won’t have as much design real estate to play with, but this can be a smart choice if you simply want to get your name and contact details out there.

If you can afford a full vinyl wrap, then you won’t be disappointed. A cast vinyl wrap can last for anything up to 8 years, for as little as 4p per thousand impressions. If you want to rebrand, a vinyl wrap will peel right off, leaving your undamaged vehicle ready to maximise its resale value.

Make your message stand out

Before you commit to vehicle signwriting, take the time to work with a professional designer to get the message and the aesthetics right. You’ll need to keep a tight rein on the word count – most businesses won’t need more than a name and a contact number. If you want to track your ROI, then add a QR code, SMS shortcode or unique URL to track response to your mobile advertising.

Remember that a clean and legible design will always be more appealing than something cluttered which won’t stand a chance of catching the eye on a busy London street. Keep it simple and classic for the most effective results.

Let us help you make an impact

When you get in touch with Vehicle Sign Writing, we can help you create a big impact, whatever your budget. Whether customers notice your vehicle on the move or parked outside your place of work or your latest job, we’ll make sure your signage is evergreen yet contemporary enough to be eye-catching wherever you go.