The idea of using your vehicle for marketing has been around since the days of the horse and cart. However, modern methods of designing, printing and applying vinyl wraps have taken this marketing channel to another level. But is turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard truly an effective marketing tool?

The statistical evidence

91% of drivers take notice of advertising on lorries, with 35% taking the time to study it closely. Now think about the fact that vehicle livery in a busy area can be seen by as many as 3,000 people an hour. That gives a car wrap one of the lowest costs per impression available, offering a great potential return on investment.

Vehicle livery is cost-effective

Compared to some of the marketing channels with a huge reach, like TV commercials and radio ads, a vinyl wrap can be extremely cost-effective. By combining the appeal of mobile and outdoor advertising, car graphics attract the attention of potential customers for minimal cost.

Vehicle signwriting can quickly be adapted for time limited campaigns with the use of vinyl letters and decals, delivering a unique aesthetic that really gets your business noticed. A van wrap will also protect your vehicle’s bodywork from everyday wear and tear, adding up to a cost-effective way to promote your brand.

Increases your customer reach

A billboard can make a big statement, but its reach doesn’t extend far beyond its location. An internet marketing campaign can get lost in the visual noise or even worse, it can be filtered out by an ad blocker. A TV ad needs to air at peak time to really capture attention and that’s incredibly expensive.

Think of your car wrapping as offering a combination of all the benefits of different marketing channels. It’s easy to distribute impressions by driving from place to place in the course of your business, like a flyer. It has incredible reach like a TV ad and all the graphic flair of an online campaign. But your message is effortlessly getting through to your clients, whether you’re mobile or parked outside your place of business.

Maximise your assets

For many small businesses, a van or car is one of your major assets. So why not make it do double duty by harnessing its mobility as part of your marketing strategy? Another benefit of branding your vehicle with car graphics is the authority it gives your business, positioning you as a leader in your field and an influencer.

By displaying your contact information for everyone to see, you gain trust because it’s clear from the level of professionalism involved in your vehicle livery that you take your business seriously. That in turn drives the kind of brand awareness and loyalty that other marketing channels struggle to match.

Be professional

If you want to make the most of the benefits of vehicle livery in East Sussex then contact the professionals. At The Sussex Sign Company, we offer an end to end service that will help you produce the kind of professional and aesthetically pleasing car graphics that get your customers paying attention every time they spot your vinyl wrap.