Innovative new wrapping product launched

The Italian manufacturer, APA, has launched a new wrapping product onto the market. The Galaxy Red Chrome provides customers with a distinctive red metallic effect, which can be used for a range of wrapping applications.

This effect is highly original and the stardust imitation gives the wrap a distinct touch of elegance. This new product can be used on a range of surfaces, including flat, curved and rippled. It is a good way of emphasising specific areas of a design, as the metallic surface stands out from other colours and textures.

As well as offering a unique design element, this new wrap material has a protective element to it. It is also simple to remove when no longer required and doesn’t leave any residue.

The Galaxy Red Chrome enhances the Chrome range, which also includes a steel effect material. AHA is already looking to produce additional variants, using a range of different colours.

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