A demand for more environmentally friendly equipment that doesn’t impact on the speed or quality of printed materials has led to the development of LED UV ink curing technology.

As more businesses want to open up the range of services that they offer to customers, they require printers that can work effectively on a number of different materials. This has now become possible with the use of LED lamps in wide format printers. These use significantly less power than the alternatives and the materials can be recycled when no longer required.

As these lamps don’t project a high amount of infra-red heat, they can be used to print straight onto both flexible and rigid materials. There will be no problems with the quality or the efficiency of the print and speed won’t be compromised.

By investing in this type of technology, printing businesses can be more flexible and offer a greater range of services. They are able to use a wider selection of materials, without causing damage or impacting on the quality.

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