If you run a party or holiday business, this is one of the busiest times of the year. If you want to maximise your revenues for the lean times, try installing a cost-effective vehicle wrap. It’s the savvy way to make the most of seasonal branding by giving your marketing a makeover your customers will love.

Optimise your seasonal spend

To differentiate your business from all the other holiday shops vying for customer pounds, try a vehicle wrap. Today’s customer relies on quality and customer service to make their purchasing decisions, and they’ll block out advertising that strikes them as inauthentic and unprofessional.

There’s no better way to connect directly with your customers than with vehicle graphics that target them when they are on the daily commute. You’ll build greater brand recognition and be top of mind when they need that perfect tree decoration or fancy dress outfit.

Capture the Instagram junkies

Marketing is increasingly visual, relying on the Instagram generation to shoot, share and like eye-catching images. Your seasonal vinyl wrap could make as many as 30,000 impressions a day, for as little as 4p per thousand impressions. No other form of advertising can begin to match those statistics.

Now factor in the way your customers are sharing information – through Instagram, or Facebook. Recommendations for great tree lights and decorations, fabulous costumes or even brilliant caterers are being shared online, through word of mouth and images. Make sure it’s your vehicle that’s being snapped and shared.

Graphics get the job done

It follows, then, that your brand needs to make the strongest visual impression. And what better way than to turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard? Research shows that images are retained more easily and for longer than text, so it’s critical that you get the design of your vehicle wrap right.

That doesn’t mean you should throw every seasonal cliche in the book at your design. In fact, it helps if you think outside the box and choose a single striking image that will differentiate you from the competition. Too much colour and glitter can be confusing and you’ll get lost in the general visual noise. On the other hand, you don’t want to play it too safe, so make sure you work with our professional designers. That way, you can tell your story and achieve maximum ROI.

Versatile, durable and smart signage

Above all, car signage is a hugely versatile way to promote your holiday business. You can opt for a full or partial wrap or a series of vinyl decals with your contact information. When your business expands, or moves location, or you get a new vehicle, you can opt to have your wrap removed – a simple and straightforward procedure – before you get an upgrade. On the flip side, if you run a year-round business, but want to reap the benefits of seasonal branding, add an affordable partial wrap or decals to your standard vehicle signage.

At Vehicle Signwriting, we can help give your West Sussex business a seasonal boost. With greater brand recognition and an Instagram-friendly design, we’ll help you optimise the ROI on your seasonal vehicle wrap to bring your customers through the door, so get in touch today.