There are a number of factors that impact the durability of your vehicle wraps and graphics. Weather, road conditions, and vehicle usage can all impact on your vinyl wrap, but the single biggest contributing factors are the materials you use and the way that they’re installed.

Make a good impression

If you want your car signage to continue to impress for anywhere up to 8-10 years, then you need to pick the right vinyl and the right installation company. Don’t be tempted to cut corners on either of these.

Cast vinyl is the savvy choice for a wrap that will last, but make sure that you use the right laminate. Calendered vinyl may shave some pennies from your costs, but when your wrap starts to peel in a few months, you may regret cutting corners.

Lasts longer

Calendered vinyl might not be the right choice when you want your vehicle graphics to make a prolonged and professional impression. However, it’s certainly the most cost-effective material to use when you’re undertaking a time-limited campaign.

Vehicle branding is an extremely effective way to market your business, but you don’t have to create a vinyl wrap that outlasts your campaign. With a huge range of options, you can choose the right vehicle wrap and signage for the job, whether you want a full graphic wrap or a simpler way to convey your contact details through a mobile billboard.

The full package

If only a full digital wrap will do, then you need to use a high quality cast vinyl. Bear in mind that single coloured vinyl has a longer lifespan than digitally printed vinyl, which will eventually fade.

Before you have your car or van wrapped, make sure it’s scrupulously clean, as adhesives tend to fail when they come into contact with dirt and grime. A clean vehicle is the fast route to long-lasting vehicle signage.

Another way to maximise the lifespan of your vehicle graphics is to have your vehicle wrapped in a single colour then add matching decals and vehicle signwriting. That way you can also change your contact details if you need to, without sacrificing the entire wrap.

The small details

Although a full wrap looks impressive and drives business your way, there are other cost-effective ways to create a custom look without going for the full wrap.

Use high quality vinyl, and cut lettering can last up to 7 years. You won’t benefit from the protective qualities of a full vinyl wrap, but you’ll be up and running fast with easy to install lettering and decals. Those decals can be any size or shape, even wrapping round your van for a visually interesting effect.

Ask the vehicle signage experts

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we know the effect a great vinyl wrap or vehicle signwriting can have on your marketing. With incredibly low cost impressions, a vinyl wrap can give a meaningful boost to your brand awareness by targeting your local customers across London and beyond, so get in touch today.