Clients very often come to us with a request to fully wrap their vehicle. When we produce the quote for them they sometimes feel that it is very expensive. Obviously using Hexpress air release laminated vinyl isn’t cheap, but if you want a job to last then using fully trained fitters and top quality material can be expensive. We would always rather explain why a product is expensive than have to explain why a product has failed.

Another option to fully wrapping a vehicle is to partially wrap a vehicle using the base colour as part of the design. On the attached van we have used the base colour of the vehicle (white) to compliment the design so as to best enhance our clients requirement for stunning vehicle graphics at a reasonable price.

Using our in house design service gave our client access to our qualified designers which enabled us to produce the stunning design which best represented Kleentech and the range of their products and services, which in turn ensured that the new vehicle livery they invested in works exceptionally well for them.