You’ve decided to create a car wrap that will build brand awareness and get you noticed. You like the new trends for textured vinyl and you’re thinking of using a colour change effect vinyl and maybe some interesting graphics…Stop. Step away from your vehicle and start thinking critically about the way you can differentiate your car wrap graphics from the competition.

Don’t shout

It’s a visually crowded world, especially in a city like London, and, ironically, one more loud, bright and brash vinyl wrap will simply fade into the general visual noise. If you want to be more than just the brand that shouts the loudest, think about ways you can say more with less.

Harness the power of design

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, so choose a graphic that sends the right messages about your business. A car or van gives you a large surface area to get creative, but stick with one killer image that tells your story.

Vehicle wrapping: the quiet persuader

One of the benefits of car signwriting is that it creates low cost impressions that don’t hector or bully the viewer. Creating a busy car wrap can seem pushy and, worse still, may overwhelm your customer without leaving any impression at all. By creating attractive and meaningful content, you’ll draw your audience to you. Get noticed for the right reasons – a smart design, well chosen fonts, and eye-catching colour scheme.

Keep it real

If you’re a small family business, do you need to present yourself as something you’re not? Customers prize authenticity in the organisations they do business with and won’t appreciate being misled. Opt for a design and approach that accurately reflects who you are as a business and the values that drive you.

Be consistent

What do you visualise when you think of Coca Cola, or Nike? A strong logo and vibrant use of colour that is consistent across the entire range of products. It’s the way to build strong brand awareness, so whether you’re wrapping a fleet of vehicles or designing a single car wrap, be consistent with your logo and corporate colours. Once you establish brand consistency, focusing your offer and engendering a feeling of trust and dependability, your customers will associate a particular experience with your company,.

Choose your words with care

Getting your message across in as few words as possible, and as directly as possible, can be a challenge. You have literally a handful of seconds to make an impact, so keep it short and simple and easy to understand and you’ll maximise your potential audience. Be careful with the fonts you choose – these need to be equally clear and bold – and work with your designer to model your vehicle wrapping so you can choose the best fonts for the job.

Talk to the experts

At Vehicle Signwriting, we work with our clients to maximise ROI, whether you want a single car wrap or vehicle wrapping for a fleet. We deliver an end to end service, including professional design and wrapping services, so your vinyl wrap makes the maximum impact. Contact us for more info.