A vehicle wrap is an effective and eye-catching way to communicate your marketing message with your customers. Of course, that depends on the quality of your design and the clarity of your message. Get it wrong and you could be making a costly mistake that not only misses your target audience, but ignores the new customers waiting to engage with your brand.

Before you start to design your new marketing wrap, ignore every design you’ve seen, however cute, funny or striking. Those designs may work brilliantly for those businesses, but they’re not your business, and they won’t communicate with your customers. By all means, do some research into the benefits of vehicle wrapping, but when it comes to designing your own, be as unique as possible and avoid these 5 elementary mistakes.

1. Don’t rely on digital templates

Like tweaking a design you like that you found online, digital templates can give you great ideas, but they won’t exactly replicate the real world outlines of your vehicle. Yes, they can create a useful dimensional impression of your vehicle, but that’s all it is. Designing a killer vehicle wrap is a skill that brings together several disciplines, so don’t prioritise one above the others.

2. Don’t rush into it

When you understand the power of mobile advertising and the low cost per impression ratio of 4p per 1000 impressions, it’s easy to want to get your design signed off and printed as quickly as possible. It’s a quick way to make mistakes, not just in the design of your wrap, but in the choice of materials and style. Take the time to research what your competitors are doing and to view all your design choices through your customers’ perspective, not your own, in order to get the best possible return on your investment.

3. Don’t overcomplicate vehicle wrapping

This is the time to remember the KISS mantra – Keep It Simple, Stupid. Never overcrowd your design with slogans, USPs, contact details, photos, graphics and logos. The most effective wraps communicate a clear message to your target customers to connect them with your brand. Your logo should be the hero of the design and you should stick with your brand colours and slogan. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to create an eye-catching design that your customers can pick out in traffic.

4. Don’t overdo the advertising

Don’t plaster your vehicle with advertising – your vehicle wrap is all about boosting brand recognition and loyalty. Keep marketing copy to a minimum, in favour of prioritising your brand identity, your contact details and your slogan. When it comes to vehicle wrapping, simple and familiar are your friends, to help stand out in a sea of competing visuals.

5. Don’t do it yourself

You’re probably thinking how hard can it be to design an effective vinyl wrap? If you want to create a professional impression – and you’ll have less than 5 seconds to make a first impression in London traffic – then you need a professional designer who can help you avoid all the pitfalls and make your vehicle look sleek and unique. At Vehicle Signwriting, we’ll help you get the very best out of your vehicle wrapping for maximum ROI, so get in touch today.