Applying branding to your work van represents a simple, effective and powerful means of promoting your business. Vehicle wraps not only offer an immediate increase in custom, but also work to build trust, awareness and authority with your target market of consumers in the longer term – the central aim of any effective marketing strategy, and with very little long-term effort or expense.

The technique works by designing your graphics digitally and then printing them directly on to a sheet of vinyl, which is then stretched around the body of the vehicle and affixed with adhesive. Vehicle wraps can be applied to the whole body of the van or only a specific area, such as the rear doors or bonnet. The scope for customisation of your van is almost unlimited due to the digital production process, allowing you to produce a distinctive vinyl wrap that perfectly captures the unique proposition of your business.

However, vinyl wraps can be a significant investment which will only pay off if properly executed, although the returns are substantial enough to have seen widespread and growing adoption of wraps across the commercial van sector. Today we’re going to examine the extensive range of benefits provided by branding your van with a vinyl wrap, along with some things to bear in mind before you jump straight into it.

Boost Your Brand Awareness

If you use a van for work, the chances are that you’ll be driving around a lot, usually from job to job and to and from suppliers, depending on your line of work. Now that your vinyl wrapped van is essentially a moving advertisement for your services, every mile of your journey offers the opportunity to grow awareness of your brand. Even idle time spent stuck in a traffic jam is transformed into a profitable promotional opportunity.

Numerous pieces of marketing research have shown that consumers are far more likely to buy from companies that they are already aware of, even if they haven’t actually purchased or interacted with the brand before. Simply by driving your van from job to job, your target market is exposed to your brand and offering, expanding your brand awareness every day.

The person across the road who just noticed the vibrant wrap graphics covering your van may not need your services today, but when they do, your firm will be at the very front of their mind. Furthermore, because your work radius is the same as the area from which you draw your customers, this works in the same way for small family businesses dependent on local custom as it does for large firms operating on a nationwide scale.

Develop Consumer Relations

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. By working to improve your brand awareness in the short term, you engender brand familiarity in the medium term. Quite simply, consumers are aware of your brand after they’ve encountered it a couple of times, but become familiar with it after seeing your van regularly.

Brand familiarity means, in practice, a sense of legitimacy and trust in your brand has formed in the eyes of the consumer. Your business no longer has to prove its credentials before people will purchase from you, and over the longer term your company will come to be viewed as a member of the local community – the ’go-to’ person for whatever goods or services you offer.

This can only be a positive thing for business because trust is perhaps the most important consideration informing a customer’s purchase decision. Even the most basic of vehicle wraps displaying your firm’s name and contact information on the side of your van indicates that your company is well-established and takes itself, and the work that it carries out, seriously.

Increase Your Authority

When fellow drivers, passers-by and potential customers view your branded van, they overwhelmingly tend to assume that you know more than they do about whatever your specialist area is. This makes them more likely to respect you, your knowledge and expertise, and to want to listen to what you have to say. Having authority amongst a group of people allows you to influence their decisions, helping you to sell your services or goods and increasing the effectiveness of any future marketing campaigns, no matter which media channel is used.

Promote Your Message Without Breaking the Bank

Van branding is a particularly economical way of advertising your offering to groups of potential customers. Measured by cost per impression, vinyl wrapping comes in at a fraction of the price compared to other more conventional forms of advertising such as billboards, newspaper pages and direct mailing campaigns. The latest vinyl wraps can even last up to five years, pushing the economical nature of the marketing solution even further and delivering incredible exposure for your brand.

Not all wraps last this long, of course, and the temporary nature of some vinyl wraps means that you can advertise temporary time-limited special offers very effectively. Customers will be more likely to get in touch when they see your advert because of the restricted nature of the offer, and this may prompt some people who have been meaning, for example, to get their carpets steam-cleaned, to finally do it.

Final Thoughts

Vehicle wraps work to promote your business every minute of every day, an effect that is only amplified when you’re on the move. They require very little if any maintenance, and are simply stuck on and forgotten about. When it comes to removal, you’ll find that the paintwork underneath is in pristine condition. This helps preserve your vehicle’s resale value.

With over two decades’ experience at The Sussex Sign Company, we can help advise on every stage of the vehicle wrapping process, from design to implementation, to deliver a bespoke marketing solution perfectly suited to your business. Get in touch today to see how we can work together. Call us today on 01273 417059

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