How could car graphics benefit your business?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written on the ‘secrets of effective advertising’. The reality, as is often the case with these things, is far simpler. Effective advertising not only needs to make an excellent first impression (and we all know the importance of first impressions) but that impression also needs to be lasting and memorable. Vinyl vehicle wraps displaying superb quality, professional graphics offer a highly memorable means by which to spread your business’ brand.

That’s not all, however. Car graphics are recognised as one of the most important marketing tools available, offering so many benefits to businesses that it’s no wonder they’ve been widely adopted across business and commerce by SMEs and large multinational corporations alike. We’ve collected all of the benefits together here so that you can see exactly what vehicle graphics could do for you.

Attract and hold attention

A key aspect of any advertising campaign is standing out. The past couple of decades have seen dramatic growth in the awareness of the potential of advertising, combined with technological advances and price drops placing advertising well within the reach of even the smallest of businesses. With everybody trying to do the same thing (attract customers), the market feels increasingly crowded.

Vehicle graphics employing bright colours, interesting designs or humorous slogans can help your business fleet to stand out from the crowd of other company vehicles on the road. To the average passing driver, plain white vans with black lettering on the side are totally unnoticeable. But a well-designed and attractive display of vehicle graphics is certain to draw attention. Clever use of colour and spacing in your graphics can be so engaging that the gaze of passers-by naturally gravitates towards them.

However, one word of caution: the old adage that ‘all publicity is good publicity’ may not apply here. Yes, you need to attract attention, but particularly effective car graphics should remain true to your brand identity and avoid being too ‘loud’ or customers may be deterred. Apart from that, the sky really is the limit in terms of what you can put on the side of your vehicle.

Expand your reach

Whether you have the one trusty van, or a whole fleet of vehicles, your graphics will be visible whenever and wherever you are. The fact that your business graphics are on the side of a mobile vehicle, as opposed to a stationary billboard, increases your potential reach further still.

Depending on your work radius, this provides upwards of tens of thousands of viewers (and thus potential customers) every month. No other form of advertising can offer this large an audience, and certainly not for the kind of expenditure that vehicle graphics typically involve. Which leads us to our next point.

Highly cost-effective mode of advertising

Other commonly-used forms of promotion, such as billboards, newspaper adverts and radio slots, all carry consistent recurring costs that continue for the entire length of your ad campaign. In other words, every day that your billboard advert stays up costs you money. With car and van graphics, however, the cost is a one-off expense, and many vehicle wraps last up to five years.

Such a small initial investment relative to other modes of advertising, combined with the ability to generate results for several years, mean that this is perhaps the most cost-effective form of advertising available.

A passive approach

Radio adverts, for example, only work if they manage to distract the listener and get them to pay full attention to the radio. By contrast, car and van graphics are designed to attract attention without disturbing the viewer. Your message is easily and painlessly communicated without any significant distraction for the viewer from whatever they were engaged in.

This is an important, yet little-considered benefit of company vehicle graphics. Potential clients respond far more positively to passive advertising instead of an ‘in-your-face’ approach. Aggressive advertising is effective in certain circumstances, but broadly speaking, people simply don’t like being told what to do or think, even if it may genuinely be in their interests.

With vehicle wraps, you can communicate your business’ message whilst avoiding the negative feeling or suspicion that greets many adverts. The artistic possibilities inherent in vehicle graphics even give you the opportunity to create something that viewers will enjoy looking at!

A targeted message for a local audience

Huge companies such as Google and Facebook made their fortunes from their ability to offer advertising targeted to specific markets and demographics. This is far more efficient than blanket advertising as it ensures that your message predominantly reaches your intended audience.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are targeted forms of advertising too. An electrician, builder or landscape gardener usually operates around their local area, depending on people within a given radius for their custom. By carrying advertising graphics on the side of your van around your local area, you are exposing your target market to message in a highly targeted fashion that many other forms of adverts simply cannot achieve.

Protect your business fleet

A little-known additional benefit of vehicle graphics is offered by the vinyl wrap onto which they are printed. Modern vinyl wraps are usually covered with a protective over-layer to ensure that your graphics remain vibrant and fresh. This has the added benefit of preserving the paintwork of your van underneath, protecting it from stone chips, grazes and scratches.

Let’s work together

A successful business has a unique business proposition; it offers something to its customer base that no-one else does. Your unique business proposition should be represented and promoted by something equally unique, and car graphics provide the means to do this. At The Sussex Sign Company we’ve a wealth of experience of designing, printing and wrapping tailor-made car graphics for businesses. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Image of - Full colour vehicle wrap on a mini - Chnadlers BMW