Whether you love the look of sleek, matte vinyl wraps or the dimensional textures that can make your car look like it’s wrapped in snakeskin, vinyl wrapping is a fast and affordable way to change the look and feel of your vehicle. But why not use that visual appeal to build your brand fast?

A car with a vinyl wrap not only turns a boring factory paint job on its head, but it also acts as a free-roaming billboard that pushes your message out into different markets in a clever and cost-effective way. This free marketing medium is viewed by consumers as being truly unique and as effective as TV advertising, which costs many times more. Now imagine how quickly you could build your brand with a highly effective wrap.

Cost-effective signage

Car signage doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impact. Custom logos and partial wraps are a great way to establish your business brand on a budget. Both take advantage of the power of mobile advertising to apply logos and contact information where it’s most visible – on doors and tailgates – for maximum impressions. A partial wrap is also easy to update or even upgrade to a full wrap over time, while custom logos are a smart choice for a vehicle that doubles as a company car.

Beyond the logo

When you’re creating mobile marketing, it’s tempting simply to use your company logo and contact details. But what if you move beyond information and create an eye-catching advert that goes everywhere that your vehicle goes? By piquing the interest, you’ll reach a whole new audience, so don’t feel constrained by your logo – think beyond it to capture the interest of new customers.

Vehicle signage is hands down the most effective form of outdoor advertising, and it’s a medium that reaches 95% of the public every day. Vehicle wraps reach more people daily than every form of outdoor advertising combined, for incredibly low costs per thousand impressions. And because this form of marketing is suitable for any business, the only limit to its success is your imagination.

Capturing the attention

Sometimes it pays to be obvious. So if you run a food truck, invest in some professional, high-definition images of your dishes to really whet the appetite. Try oversizing your logo, while keeping the rest of the design simple, to grab your customers’ interest, or use an interesting factoid about the business that sticks in people’s memory and keeps you top of mind. Remember that vehicle graphics are an exceptional way to build your brand through a combination of slick design and a strong message.

Ultimately, your mobile billboard advertising is about the way you communicate your brand and the story you want to tell to your target customers. By using this low cost, high-impact marketing channel, you’ll effortlessly draw attention to your brand in a non-invasive way that other advertising media just can’t match.

The right choice

If vehicle signage is the right choice for your business, then Vehicle Signwriting can help you maximise the return on your investment when you get in touch with us. We know how to boost your brand recognition fast with great graphics and sign-writing, because we understand the power of vehicle wrapping when used in London.