If you’re a man with a van or you run a small business in London, chances are you already have a vinyl wrap to promote your services. But if you’re thinking of investing in this low cost, high impact marketing channel for the first time, then you need to be aware of some common installation errors so you can avoid them and get the best possible result.

After all, however cost-effective your vehicle wrapping is, you want to maximise your return on investment with the best possible results.


It may be that your installer has to make a tiny and almost unnoticeable repair. Sometimes, this kind of patching is unavoidable. But if you notice patches all over your vehicle, then your wrap is unlikely to last as long as it should do.

If the repair is unavoidable, make sure that the patch is placed beneath the main body of the wrap for the neatest and most long lasting results.

Premature wrinkles

If you notice that your car wrap is starting to wrinkle in places, the chances are that your installer has overlooked the proper post-installation procedure. To overcome the PVC memory of the wrap in areas where it has been stretched and shaped, the vehicle wrap must be heated to a certain temperature.

This step is time-consuming, but if it’s missed, then your wrap will prematurely wrinkle.

Ragged edges

Trimming errors stick out like a sore thumb on a vinyl wrap. Worse, they leave ragged edges that can quickly start to unravel, leaving your vehicle wrapping looking shoddy.

Fortunately, this is a quick fix. Most trimming errors are caused by dull blades and can be eradicated by changing knife blades frequently.

Cracking and peeling

Bubbles in your vinyl wrap may not manifest themselves until weeks after your installation is complete. These can be caused by overstretching the material, not heating to the correct temperature or even skipping this step altogether.

Other errors like leaving edges untucked and unfinished can also cause later cracking and peeling. This can ruin your car wrap and damage your investment.

Avoiding vehicle wrapping errors

These simple errors can be a huge bugbear, but the good news is they’re all avoidable.

Premium quality cast vinyls may be more costly, but they’re also easier to install and last longer, maximising the return on your investment. Combined with high quality printing, they ensure longer lasting colours and all round better results.

A good installer will have the time and patience to ease the wrap into place, avoiding simple errors like overstretching the vinyl. They won’t skip the all important post-installation heating procedure either, which seals the wrap in place.

Work with the professionals

Working with a professional vinyl wrapping company like Vehicle Sign Writing is the savvy way to avoid these common installation mistakes and benefit from a beautiful vinyl wrap every time.

We’ll advise you on the right materials for the job and your installation will be carried out by trained professionals who understand that vehicle wrapping is an art. They’ll ensure that your wrap is delivered to the highest standards, to boost brand recognition and minimise those annoying errors. Maximise your return on investment with a killer vehicle wrap and contact us for more info.