For most startups, marketing budgets are set at close to zero. But what if you could harness the power of a low cost marketing channel with some of the lowest costs per impression and a potentially huge reach? Using vehicle signwriting puts your company logo and contact details right on your vehicle, so they can be seen wherever you go.

Creating a great first impression

Any business wants to create a great first impression. For a startup, it’s even more vital. Reflect your professionalism by using premium car signage and you’ll appear to be market leaders in your field.

Hire a professional designer to create the perfect logo that you can then replicate across your websites, social media presence and decals. But before you invest in car vinyl, always seek a second opinion, whether that’s from a trusted colleague or through market research. Does the design represent your company’s values? Do you look professional or like a go-to company for consumers?

Your logo should put your company’s unique value proposition front and centre, whether you’re a premium or a discount service. The important thing is that your car graphics create the first impression of your startup, reflecting who you are and aiming squarely at your niche market.

Car signage is cheap, but doesn’t make you look cheap

It’s a paradox, but vehicle signwriting, from a relatively simple decal to a full vinyl wrap, is an inexpensive way to confer authenticity and legitimacy on your business.

A low cost decal delivers brand awareness on a budget. If you later want to push brand recognition further, upgrading to a cast vinyl full or partial body wrap has its own distinct benefits, including protecting the resale value of your vehicle.

As a professional representation of your brand, car signage confers the kind of authority that impresses potential consumers. They’re more likely to want to do business with you, making that inexpensive decal really worthwhile for a startup.

Increase brand visibility in your area

Want to increase brand visibility in West Sussex? Investing in a weather resistant decal creates a high number of impressions in any weather. Put it on your vehicle and you can saturate a given area, using your car as a mobile billboard that is seen whether you’re parked outside the office or on the road.

No one forgets a really well-designed logo. By keeping it consistent across your business stationery, business cards and decals, you’ll be reinforcing brand awareness and creating visibility across your print assets. Add a phone number, landing page URL or SMS short code, and you’ll create metrics to measure the success of your decal.

Ask the experts

If you’re a startup that’s interested in using the power of vehicle signage to promote your brand, then get in touch with us at Vehicle Signwriting. We offer an end to end service that not only creates a great first impression and incredible reach, but also maximises your return on investment. Want to know more about how decals can drive your startup? Contact us today.