Agfa has recently announced the launch of two flatbed UV-inkjet printers. These have been designed to provide customers with a higher quality finish, more flexibility and greater productivity.

The Jeti Titan range consists of two models: the S (speed) version and the HS (high speed) model. Both of these use the latest inkjet printer head technology and have a Ricoh Gen 4 installed, which utilises 1,280 nozzles. The S version comes with a row of printer heads as standard. These can be upgraded to provide two rows and turn it into the HS model. This has twice the level of productivity as the standard S version.

Both the models in the range provide a great quality print finish on a range of products. They are particularly suited to point of sale materials or for other products that are seen close up. The Jeti Titan range has been designed to suit high volume jobs or work that requires a quick turnaround.

Here at The Sussex Sign Comopany we monitor the market closely for the latest product launches to ensure the technology we use is as up to date as possible. This enables us to provide a high level of service to our customers.