Want to bring the power of mobile marketing to your London business? A custom vinyl wrap is the smart, cost-effective and high impact way to get your business noticed by your customers.

But a car wrap won’t get the message across if it’s not effectively installed. These are the 5 rules of flawless car vinyl installation that will help you get the most out of this marketing medium.

1. Work with a designer

You can draft the basic ideas for your vinyl wrap design yourself, but only a professional designer will be able to arrange design elements for maximum impact. They’ll work with 3D generated models to ensure that critical information is just where it should be.

Your designer will also refine your design ideas to create a simple but effective wrap that can then be printed onto your choice of cast or calendered vinyl. Ask to see a portfolio as a guide to the quality of their designs.

2. Choose the right materials

Looking to advertise your business over a period of years? Then premium cast vinyl will last up to 8 years without fading or peeling, when properly installed.

Running a time limited campaign? Calendered vinyl is more affordable and less durable than cast vinyl, but will do the job when you want a partial wrap or even car signage that can be changed quickly and easily.

3. Focus on preparation for signage installations

If you think that wrapping your vehicle is the most time consuming part of the process, think again. The quality of the end result is all in the preparation.

A good installer will give your car a thorough wash before installing your vinyl wrap. A great installer will strip every last mm of wax residue from every single inch of your vehicle, because they know that even the smallest particle of dirt can cause the entire installation to fail.

4. Professional installation

Time consuming and challenging, vinyl wrap installation is a job you should only trust to an experienced professional. Shaping, wrapping and – most important of all – trimming should all be left to an installer with patience and expertise.

It’s easy to make the mistake that a car wrap is simply a large sticker. After wasted materials, time and money, you’ll understand why this is a job best left to the professionals.

5. The importance of post installation treatment

Beware any installer who doesn’t offer the final post installation heat treatment. Because vinyl has a PVC memory, any area that has been stretched and shaped needs heating to override that memory, so it doesn’t shrink back and ruin the effect of your wrap.

It’s boring and time consuming, but the post installation process is the only way to ensure a superb finished effect.

At Vehicle Sign Writing, we work in partnership with The Sussex Sign Company to deliver expert vinyl signage results time after time. We’ll help you maximise your return on investment in this unique form of marketing, boosting your brand awareness across London and beyond, so contact us today.