The benefits of wrapping your vehicle or fleet should be obvious when you consider that every 1,000 impressions costs just 4p. But myths still persist about how effective a car wrap can be – here are 5 of the most common.

1. A vehicle wrap will damage your paintwork

This is a myth that couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, a well-applied cast vinyl wrap will last for up to 8 years, protecting your car’s bodywork and paintwork against dings and scratches.

Vinyl wrap is also UV resistant and will therefore protect your paintwork from fading. When the wrap is finally removed, it may actually enhance the trade-in value of your vehicle, because the bodywork is in such good condition.

2. It’s difficult to remove a wrap

Again, if your wrap is properly installed, then it can also be removed with ease, once you decide to trade in your vehicle or change your car graphics.

In fact, the removal process should be a breeze. Using a heat source like a heat gun – and a fair amount of patience – high quality vehicle wrapping can be removed without leaving any residue.

3. You can’t wrap a lease vehicle

Wrong again. In fact, wrapping your lease car is one of the modifications that businesses are eager to make, to make the most of the benefits that car wraps have to offer.

A lease car wrapped in a premium vinyl can boost your brand awareness and recognition unlike any other marketing channel. Simply remove the wrap before you trade in your lease car for another that you can wrap with a whole new campaign.

4. You’re limited in the areas you can wrap

You can wrap just about any part of your vehicle, including the vehicle’s windows, as long as the driver can still see out. Your vehicle wrapping specialist will use specialised stickers that allow the driver full vision while the image can be clearly seen from the outside.

It’s up to you whether you choose a full or partial wrap for your vehicle and whether you add vehicle signwriting or decals for time limited campaigns – anything is possible.

5. Vehicle wrapping is a waste of money

Another myth. On a cost per impressions basis alone, a vinyl wrap is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising out there. Turning your vehicle into a moving billboard means that your car graphics are communicating your marketing message 24/7, so there are no ongoing marketing costs.

Vehicle wraps are one of the least intrusive and yet eye-catching forms of marketing available. They pique interest without demanding to be seen or interrupting what your customer is doing. They can also target the local area more effectively than any other marketing channel.

Ultimately, the decision whether to go ahead with a vinyl wrap depends on whether you think the return on investment for your London business is worth it over the lifespan of the wrap. At Vehicle Sign Writing, we deliver a professional design and installation service that helps maximise the return on your investment in vehicle wrapping and well and truly busts those myths, so contact us today!